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To keep us being 『BOM FRUTO(Good Fruit)』,

We deliver good quality Brazil to you.

Not the Brazil just yellow and green.

The Brazil that is not as well known as it should be.

May Good Fruits be brought to everyone involved in our activities.

Fruitage Colour BOM FRUTO


September 7, 2017

On the day that independence day is celebrated in Brazil, our company was born.

The culture of Brazil, which is transmitted to Japan, is still only superficial.

We would like to introduce more essential Brazilian culture to Japan.

To deliver BOM FRUTO(Good Fruit) to Japan. From such a feeling our Company was born.

Centering around Brazilian food, we will deliver Brazilian breeze to you.

Brazilian bar ( Boteco Bom Fruto )



At the age of 17, I went to Brazil due to my father’s work.

By being transferred to Sao Paulo’s local school, I made Brazilian friends and every weekend, I went out to the city at night and spent a lot of time at various bars. Brazilian liquor with Brazilian snacks. That time I spent with Brazilians was very comfortable and I thought, ” Why is there no such a place in Japan?”

I returned to Japan, worked on Brazilian music and worked using the Portuguese language, but I also had a chance to work at an eating and drinking establishment.

What I learned at the place that was very compatible with me was that ”the restaurant is fun for those who work there too.”

I thought about other alternatives but, ”I want to do Brazilian food business in Japan, which is the best repayment to Brazil.”

We will strive to deliver a wonderful culture of Brazil to everyone with the goal of keeping good fruits for all our stakeholders.


President & Representative Director

Teppei Yamada